Topics for Sustainable Agriculture:

Addressing Food Insecurity
Technology Innovations in Agriculture
Energy Efficiency & Conservation Controlled Environment Agriculture
Organic Farming Global Sustainable Sourcing of commodities
Agritourism Urban Agriculture
Food and Agricultural Employment Cooperatives
Precision Agriculture (SSM) Institutional Sustainable Food Procurement
Agroforestry Value-Based Supply Chain
Food labelling / Certifications Cover Crops
Soil Nutrient Management Biologically Integrated Farming Systems
Biofuels Water Use Efficiency
Food Waste Management Dairy Waste Management
Sustainable Post Harvest Management Practices Nutrition and Food Systems Education
Conservation Tillage Zero Emission Freight Transport
Generically Modified Crops


Sustainable Nutrition, Lifestyle and Health
Innovation of healthcare delivery
Innovative Treatment Modalities Sustainability treatments
Disruptive Technology and Innovations Global green and healthy hospitals
Advanced Healthcare Systems Solutions for sustainable health and hospital
Sustainable hospitals Energy consumption
Sustainable healthcare systems Medical gases
Health and sustainable development Medical waste
Innovative and sustainable healthcare management Environmental sustainability in hospitals
Access to health information Sustainable healthcare financing